Pres. Granger confident of a good outcome of present political situation

President David Granger, in an address to the nation, has expressed confidence that the current political state of affairs in the country, will have a positive outcome.

However, he was adamant that this would only occur if the judiciary and the Guyana Elections Commission are respected and allowed to carry out their mandate unhindered.
“I am confident that if these institutions are allowed to function without interference, the nation can expect a good outcome from the present situation,” the Head of State said during an address to the nation today.
The president recognised the political situation in the country which resulted from the December 21 vote in the National Assembly. He, however, underscored that his government respects and would continue to respect the Constitution.
“The Constitution of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana is sacrosanct and supreme, the independence of the judiciary and the election commission is respected, and the national assembly is functional.”
The president says it is his wish that credible elections be held in the shortest possible time and pledged to continue ensuring that the government’s actions are consistent and in compliance with the Constitution. He assured citizens of a credible electoral process.
The Head of State urged Guyanese not be intimidated by incendiary insinuations aimed at instigating disaffection which could affect preparations for elections.
“I shall continue to ensure that the government’s actions are consistent and in compliance with the Constitution and assure citizens of a credible electoral process.”

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