Presentations Made To Schools’ Sports Days

By Curtis Morton

The St. James’ community development team, which comprises of members: Greta Jeffers; Curthlyn Liburd and Cordelia Browne, made some timely presentations to three schools within the St. James’ community, on Monday 5th March.

Presentations were made by Greta Jeffers and Curthlyn Liburd, in the absence of Cordelia Browne, who was ill, to the St. James’ Primary School; the Combermere Preschool and the VOJN Primary school.

Each school received an envelope with an undisclosed cheque amount, specifically towards the sponsorship of flat races at their respective sports meets.

The cheques were received by the headmistresses of the three institutions.

It was explained that this is only the first of many donations planned by the community team and it was noted that the monies donated were raised through fund raising endeavours, specifically through cake sales.



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