Prime Minister Harris Presides Over Special ECCB Monetary Council Meeting on Tourism

The Members of the Monetary Council of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) today (Monday, May 24) utilized a public holiday to hold a special policy meeting on ‘Reinvigorating ECCU Tourism: Current Trends and Strategies’.

TheSpecial Meeting was presided over by Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris, Prime Minister and current Chairman of the Monetary Council of the ECCB. In attendance were members of the Monetary Council, members of the Board of Directors of the ECCU, Ministers of Tourism and their teams, as well as the Governor of the ECCB, Mr. Timothy Antoine.

At Monday’s meeting, it was noted that a joint approach towards recovery and reopening is paramount. This includes the synchronization of marketing strategies, travel and health protocols, and digitization and data analytics efforts.

TheCouncil is also of the view that restoring consumer confidence will inevitably lead to greater demand for the region’s tourism product.

TheChairman of the Monetary Council, Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris said the meeting was very productive. The St. Kitts and Nevis prime minister stated that the special meeting further advanced the agenda of cooperation and collaboration and was one that was worth having even on a holiday.

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