Prince Akedo crowned Gingerama Calypso King 2016

By:St. Clair Sazam Hull

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)-The Croney Grounds in Rawlins Village Gingerland was the venue for the Gingerama Calypso Competition on Saturday, December 17, 2016.

Seven calypsonians went up against each other in the art of singing calypso. They were Adowa, Sweetis, Prince Akedo, Irwin, Princess Kayla, Singing Devie and Teejay.

At the end of the night, Prince Akedo received the approval of the three- member judge panel that he had outperformed his 6 other competitors. He gained 254 points with his song entitled, ‘Gingerama Recover’.

The first runner up position went to Irwin with a total of 216 points. He performed a song entitled ‘Don’t condemn the youths’. In third position was Princess Kayla with a total of 200 points. She did a tune called ‘Ah sorry for them’.

Nevispages congratulates all winners and other participants.


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