Prison Officer Arrested and Charged For Introduction of Contraband into Her Majesty’s Prison

Basseterre, St. Kitts, September 30, 2016 (RSCNPF): Senior Officer, Vince Gumbs of Her Majesty’s Prison has been arrested and formally charged with several offences stemming from an investigation into the introduction of contraband into Her Majesty’s Prison.

Senior Officer Gumbs was arrested on Thursday night (September 29) and has been charged with the following criminal offences; (1) Possession of Cannabis, (2) Possession of Cannabis with intent to supply, (3)Unlawfully conveying Cannabis to Her Majesty’s Prison, (4) Unlawfully conveying Tobacco and spirituous liquor to Her Majesty’s Prison, (5) Unlawfully conveying other contraband (to wit a cellphone and charger) to Her Majesty’s Prison.

The investigation revealed the incidents occurred on Friday (September 23) and Thursday (September 29).

Superintendent of Her Majesty’s Prison Mr. Junie Hodge said, “we will remain vigilant in our efforts to rid our institution of contraband., we did a comprehensive search on September 20, and found a number of items, two nights ago, we had an attempted breach of our security which was discovered in progress and resulted in the arrest of the individual responsible.”

Superintendent Hodge said, “the find last night was most disheartening knowing that a Prison Officer was responsible, I have told my officers, we (myself and the leadership) expect them to have integrity, to do the right thing every time, and doing that we will support them, likewise we have told them, they will be held accountable for their actions.”

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