Rohan Isles, the current Football chief on Nevis, disclosed in an interview on Thursday that the final deadline for the commencement of the local Football league on Nevis, is now set for Saturday 29th October.

He noted that the league was originally set to commence on Saturday 1st October and that did not materialize due to the slow registration of teams but this time around, come the 29th of October, if there are only three teams registered, the tournament will proceed.

Isles indicated that he is learning that some teams have an issue with the registration of teams procedure that has been established and he is inviting representatives of all teams and clubs to come to a meeting scheduled for Thursday 13th October at the Youth and Sports Department, located upstairs the Reliable Motors complex.

He noted that his executive is willing to listen to the concerns of the team/clubs and try to assist wherever possible. However, the league will proceed.

The registration fee per team is $300.00 and there is a registration membership fee to the local Association of $50.00 and additionally there is a required insurance fee of $20.00 per player.

Isles noted that his executive have many innovative ideas to be implemented. One such idea is the proposal to host matches geared to specific occasions. For example, a match geared to assist in the fight against cancer, or a mother’s day match –up etc.

He stated that it is the intention of his Association to get the local league going and once the league starts, there will be ongoing Football, until the league climaxes.

He also pointed out that a potential conflict with the Nevis Cricket Association, as regards the use of the ET Willet Park, has been averted.

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