Red House Edges out Green at St. James’ Primary Sports Meet

The St. James’ Primary School may only have an approximate roll of 51 students but they are 51 students with heart. This was demonstrated on Tuesday 12th March as the school held its annual sports meet at its home grounds, under the patronage of past student and athlete Ms Yolanda Pemberton.

There was a sizeable crowd on hand and despite a relatively late start at 2pm, the officials worked at coordinating the meet so well, that the final race was completed at 6.10 pm without the use of artificial light.
The athletes competed in the 100; 200; 400; 800; 1200; 4X100 and 4X400 meters races.
Zario Chumney repeated his previous feat that was accomplished in the road relay when he started at baton station one in the 4X100 meters relay and then ended the race on a winning note for his house by taking the baton at the final station.
There were several close races which served to excite the crowd, none more so than the final race of the day—the 4X400 meters for boys which literally brought the crowd to its feet.
In the final analysis the scores were:
Red house—345 points—champion
Green house –324 points
Gold house– 288 points

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