Red House Prevails At Charlestown Pre

As the athletic term climaxes, there is still some excitement in the offing.
On Wednesday 20th March, the Charlestown Pre School, held its annual sports meet, at the ET Willet Park.
The distinguished patron was Ms. Shonnel Christian.
The little athletes used some big strides to complete the march past in short order and then they were truly entertaining on the track.
They participated in such events as solemn pole race; obstacle races; endurance races; flat races and 4×50 meters relays.
The teachers also participated in a race over 60 meters and the male and female parents later followed suit, to add more excitement to the day’s proceedings.
When the dust settled, Announcer, Chesley FARO Davis made the grand announcement:

Red house-champions-302 points

Blue house-266 points

Green house -257 points


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