Red Wins at Charlestown Pre School

By Curtis Morton

As the athletic season on Nevis climaxes, the Charlestown Preschool, held its annual Sports meet under the patronage of Menelek Tyson.

The action was at the ET Willet Park, on Wednesday 21st March.

A fair sized crowd was on hand to witness the event and it all started with an impressive march past.

Immediately after, the honoured patron and the headmistress of the school, met with the little troops of the three representative houses.

The action then got really fast paced on the track, as the Sports department team, assisted with the coordination of the events.

These included: The pole races; obstacle races; endurance races; hurdles; balloon races; relays and flat races.

It certainly added to the fun when some of the children found short cuts through the obstacles in place, or put their balls into another person’s bucket.

At the end of the day, Red house was sufficiently in front, to be declared the clear winners.


Final points:

Red house-319 points-champions

Green house-294 points- 2nd

Blue house-277 points-3rd



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