Reggie Douglas Performs Creditably In US Meet

By: Curtis Morton

Nevis’ top Triathlete and Cyclist, Reginald REGGIE Douglas, returned to Nevis recently after competing in the DK 200 Cycling event held in Kansas in the USA in late May. It was a 200 miles event which involved road bikes and mountain bikes. There were regular check points involved where the competitors could have made stops to collect food, water and maps etc

There were two other categories for bikers with less endurance—100 miles and 50 miles.

Douglas indicated that he was informed of the event by his long standing friend and fellow Cyclist Mack Brown from the USA whom he met when he visited Nevis in 2006. He eventually accepted the invitation.

He pointed out that the competitors started at 6:00 a.m. and he personally arrived at the finish line around 7:00 p.m. the evening. The cutoff point was 2:00 a.m. the following morning.

There were an overall 900 plus competitors, with 650 of those competing in the 200 miles category. REGGIE secured a creditable 38th spot overall. A feat he accomplished in just over 14 hours. He also placed 12th in the open men category from about 124 participants.

He pointed out that he had gone to the USA ahead of the event in order to familiarize himself with the course but noted that it was a tough course and said that there were times when he felt like giving up.
‘When I remembered that I was representing Nevis and I remembered the contributions my friend Mack made to get me to participate, I had to continue,’ he said.

The course was so designed, that there were miles at time when there was not a single soul, nor single building in sight, he stated.

REGGIE also performed his ambassadorial role in ‘bigging up’ St.Kitts and Nevis and more especially NEVIS, as a tourist destination. He used the opportunity during an interview conducted by the NEW YORK TIMES and he actually got a front page story in the IMPERIAL GEZADI.

What’s next for the dedicated athlete? REGGIE is more inspired after his US trip and is looking forward to the following events up coming.
• John T Memorial event in Anguilla
• OECS Cycling Championship in St.Lucia
• Caribbean Cycling championship in Curacao

REGGIE thanked all those persons who have assisted him on his journey to stardom thus far and indicated that he is currently motivated and is constantly in training.

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