Remarks by Lawyer Jonel Powell Deputy Leader, People’s Action Movement, PAM and Candidate for Central Basseterre, At Special Constituency Branch Meeting On Monday 19th January, 2015 In Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of PAM

Permit me to begin by expressing congratulations to my party, your party and our party, the People’s Action Movement, PAM, as we celebrate our Golden Jubilee of fifty years as a political organization.

It has been an achievement that has not been easy. But is has become a celebration that has brought joy because of the good that we have done for our people.

I am therefore moved to pay tribute to the pioneers of this political entity, who in 1965 sacrificed their careers, family and personal security, in the interest of the working class people of St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla, as we were then.

Some 50 years ago the birth of the People’s Action Movement was driven by the need to protect the people from bad government.

Five decades later PAM is again being called upon to defend our honour against a government that has become dictatorial, oppressive and lawless.

If ever there was need for good men to stand up, it is today.

If ever there was a moment for law-abiding and decent citizens to stand up and be counted for our democratic freedoms, that day is today.

Are you a decent citizen? If you are, then you know what to do…make a change.

No longer must independent thinking citizens of this country sit idly by and allow the core principles of democratic rule to be overtaken and high jacked by those who have publicly admitted that in 1995 they over threw a lawfully elected government.

My fellow citizens it is time for this country of ours to be governed… NOT RULED.

It is time for St. Kitts and Nevis to have a government of their choosing, not a regime that sells out our land and passports to the highest bidder, while we the people feel the pains of sanctions like those from the Canadian Government.

This is a problem that cannot be fixed by those who created it. Therefore you must push them aside and let transparency and accountability shine.


You can make a difference. Yes, every one of you can make a difference because the largest number is counted one digit at a time. And numbers are what make election victories.

We know that there are plans by the regime to victimize its own people who have seen the light.

So, if you are afraid of victimization, then my message to you is to work quietly, and on Election Day, you act decisively.

When they are voted out from Church Street, no longer can they harm you. Words might be powerful. Threats might be intimidating. But I tell you my friends, God is watching and the FINGER is mightier than the political sword.




The time is now. No longer is it speculation, there is an election coming. In fact the election is already here.

As you think about the future of this country, I urge you the older mothers and fathers to think not only about your future, but that of your children. And I ask the young people of St. Kitts and Nevis who will be voting in a couple weeks, to think about your parents as they get into their golden years.

There are so many of us who have NO CONFIDENCE in the present government, and it is to you I ask the following questions.

  1. Are you happy with the state of our country today?
  2. Are you in favour of what is happening with the sale of our passports and lands?
  3. Do you have any confidence that this government can reduce the high crime rate and high unemployment?
  4. Are you happy with your financial situation today?
  5. And most importantly, I ask you, do you agree with the unfair and illegal actions taken last Friday to hastily change the boundaries?

If your answer to those questions is NO, then it is time for you to exercise the power that YOU have, to vote for me and my fellow candidates and change the government.

A change in government will bring betters days for the people of Central Basseterre and all other seven constituencies in St. Kitts and the three in Nevis.

A change in government will bring lower taxes, a reduction in the cost of living and lower fees for electricity.

If you were to ask, why I should change this government, the best answer I could give you is that no longer would it be possible for us to have a creep- up dictator and a National Debt that reached 3 Billion dollars.

No longer would we have a Speaker of a parliament that is disrespectful and refuses to obey the rules of the Assembly.

If and when you change this minority and illegal government, no longer would it be possible for an election to be held past the anniversary date of when the last one was convened.

All of this will change when we have a new government. With a Government of National Unity, involving PAM, CCM and PLP, there will be term limits for the office of Prime Minister and there will be a fixed date for elections.


As we celebrate 50 years as a Party, the People’s Action Movement has had the experience of being in both government and opposition. Our party knows how to govern. We did it for 4 terms from 1980-1995.

We know how to deliver prosperity for all our people but especially those who may not be in possession of great wealth.

And our record has been enviable.

It is not my intention in this presentation to highlight those great achievements because there will be those to follow who will trace the history and development of our party and all its outstanding achievements.

But what I can tell you is that PAM in government has proven that it knows how to govern. It has demonstrated that it understands how to help poor people become middle class citizens and small business owners.

If anyone were to ask, what is the difference between our party and the one that has overstayed its welcome, the answer would be simple.

We believe in turning poor people into middle class people and eventually even further in financial wealth.

It is a philosophy that believes in creating the opportunities for our own business people, not just foreigners from Europe, the US and China to generate economic growth.

We believe in a philosophy that St. Kitts and Nevis must be for Kittitians and Nevisians first, while also providing sustainable and genuine opportunities for our Caribbean brothers and sisters who make here their adopted home.

But the philosophy that has driven our party for 50 years also speaks to democratic rule and “putting people first”.

Just as we demonstrated in 1980, we are prepared to participate again in a government of National Unity, so that we may deliver meaningful social and economic benefits.

Back in the 1960s our founding fathers had to overcome the wrath of victimization and harassment.

That is nothing new anymore because today, our present party leaders are experiencing the very same and even worse.

But my brothers and sisters, fellow citizens, my Christian beliefs are deeply rooted in the conviction that “we have come this far by faith and trusting in the Lord, so we are confident that victory is near.

Victory is near because God preaches against injustice. Our victory is near because in the end the good guys always win and justice and punishment always come eventually to those who try to harm us.

That is why my friends and family, I, as a young professional and candidate in this election have worked hard to care about my people. I believe as I have said many times in People Caring for People.

I believe in helping those who find it hard to help themselves and I believe in service to the people of Central Basseterre and to our country.

It is also my commitment to serve and live a decent existence because no matter the great riches that we may have…no matter the seventy six million dollars or more that we may have, we all depart this life, as we entered it,  with nothing.

So I believe in living a caring life for my people. That is why I want to make our Central Basseterre communities safer. I want to bring real meaningful and sustainable jobs to our young men and women and I am ready to serve to help our small business men and women to live their dreams of entrepreneurship.

I must also tell you that I believe in dignity and I do not support efforts by some in authority to keep our people poor and relying on public bathroom facilities in this modern day and age. I believe in taking action to lift them up and I will work hard to make their lives better, because I intend to bring Better Days to our people.

Leader the Hon Shawn Richards said a few days ago that our founders brought water to Nevis and electricity to the people of St. Kitts with lower fees, it is my turn to bring more social prosperity to my people in Central and the rest of the country.

While others have been absent, I have been working. While others came five years ago, disappeared and have all of a sudden re-appeared, I have been delivering benefits to my people.

To this I remain committed and I again tell the people of Central Basseterre, have no fear, have courage, Better Days are Coming!

Thank you.

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