Renowned Urologist encourages men to ‘Man up’; take advantage of prostate cancer screenings

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (JANUARY 14, 2014) – Certified Urologist, Dr. Dwayne Thwaites urged men on Nevis to take advantage of the annual prostate cancer screening clinics being offered to them. The advice came at the 6th annual Prostate Cancer Screening drive on Saturday 11, 2014, at Occasions Conference Centre hosted by Urology Associates under a new theme ‘Man Up’.

In a brief interview with the Department of Information, Dr. Thwaites described the six-year programme on Nevis as a success and spoke to the turn out of the clinic offered at no cost to the island’s men.

“This is our 6th year of doing the prostate screening, it’s been very successful… We’re going to hit more than target, maybe about 500 this year. [That] would be a very good turnout for Nevis when you look at the population base and I am sure we get a lot of patient from St. Kitts.

“We just want to tell all the people out there to man up and come in and get the examination done and get the PSA done,” he said. (PSA stands for Prostate Specific Antigen, a substance produced by enlarged prostate)

Dr. Thwaites expressed satisfaction of his team of specialised doctors and volunteers involved in the free prostate cancer screening clinic and their visit to Nevis.

“We have three other doctors along with me which is what we had last year. This is the second year that we’re bringing down four doctors with us and we have a couple of assistants that came down… We have Dr. Daniel Caruso and Doctor Brian Cohen who has been coming here and this year we have one new doctor coming out of Jamaica Kamal Mars and she’s doing an excellent job.

“We’re all enjoying this, it’s been a wonderful week for us, we’ve done a bunch of interviews and we’ve been around the island and everybody is really enjoying it,” he said.

Nurse Manager at the Alexander Hospital Jessica Scarborough, expressed appreciation to the Nevis Island Administration’s Ministry of Health, other sponsors and volunteers for the partnership forged with the Urology Associates visit to Nevis.

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