Basseterre, St. Kitts, April 11, 2016 (RSCNPF):  Below is a report of Arrest and or Convictions from the records of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force for period 9-10 April.
Arrested/Bailed: Anthony Zara of Vista Villas, Frigate Bay, was arrested, formally charged and cautioned for the offences of assault, making use of Indecent Language, Escaping Lawful Custody, Resisting arrest and insulting language. He was also charged for the offences of Battery on Police, Simple Wounding and Malicious Damage to Government Property. He was grated bailin the sum of ten thousand eastern Caribbean currency ($10,000.00 ECC) and ordered to appear at the Basseterre Magistrate court on Monday,  May 9,  2016 at 09:00 hrs.
Arrested: Ashton Ferdinand of Conaree Village was arrested, formally charged and cautioned on a Warrant In the First Instance for the offence of Larceny committed on April 6, 2016.
Arrested:  Rykiel Mills of Barnaby was arrested, formally charged and cautioned on two Warrants in default for the offences of  Larceny and Malicious Damage.  He was bail and ordered to appear the Charlestown Magistrate Court on Tuesday April 12,  2016 at 9:00 am in the forenoon.
Arrested: Charles Moses Green of Green Tree Housing, Old Road was arrested, formally charged and cautioned on a warrant in the first instance for Wounding committed on April 7, 2016.
Arrested: Rohan Patrick of Tabernacle was arrested, formally charged and cautioned for the offences of Possession of Cannabis and Possession of Cannabis with intent to supply to another.
Arrested: Jason Stevens of Keys Village was arrested, formally charged and cautioned on an E form for the following offences: Driving Under the Influence of Drink and Driving without Due Care and Attention. Offences Committed on the Frigate Bay Strip on April 10,2016. 
In matters at the “District B”  Magistrate Court presided over by Her Honour Miss Dona Harris Damian Nisbett of Newton Ground who was charged with the offence Possession of Cannabis on was convicted and ordered to pay a sum of $958.00 ECC  or in default one month in prison at hard labour.
BUILDING BREAKING AND LARCENY:- Police is investigating a breaking and larceny at the Verchilds playing field.  A report made at about 08:15hrs on Thursday April 8,  reported that the storeroom in the pavilion broken into and a number of items missing.  (1) weed eater, (1) wheel borrow, (1) pick axe, (1) 100ft length garden hose, (2) water nozzle and (1) five gallon plastic container full of gasoline all missing. Entry was gained by some unknown person(s) using a hard object to pry the padlock on the wooden door and having entered, stole the aforementioned items.  The scene was processed by the Crime Scene Unit and the investigations is ongoing.  
Traffic Accidents: Five (5) traffic accidents occurred on the Federation’s roadways between 9-10 April.  One in Frigate Bay, Fry’s Village, Fortlands, on the Frigate Bay Strip and one in Gingerland, Nevis.
Police continues to conduct Vehicular Check Points and or Stop and Searches and several searches of abandoned properties. Over the weekend over 35 such activities were conducted. The check points and searches were done in efforts to ensure Citizen Safety, by removing any found Illegal Firearms, ammunition, illegal drugs, and other instruments that can be used to commit crimes.

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