Results In From SKNAA Nationals Meet

The SKNAA held its Nationals meet event at the Mondo track in Nevis, on Sunday 23rd June.
Athletes and clubs from across the federation and from nearby islands competed and thrilled the crowd, with their speed and endurance.
The results received from the event are as follows:

Women under 16 100 meter dash –finals
1st Keshawna Smithen-Titans
2nd Nangela Semple-Gladiators
3rd Travisia Desir –Titans

Men under 16-100 meters dash-finals
1st Kamarley Newton-OTT
2nd Jule Scarborough-Titans
3rd Shaheem Roberts-OTT

Women 100 meters dash –open seniors-finals
1st Shenel Crooke-Unattached
2nd Tijuanique Morton-Fast Twitch
3rd Zara Browne-BVI

Men 100 meters dash-open seniors-section 1-finals
1st Hakeem Huggins-Fast Twitch
2nd Antoine Adams -Unattached
3rd Lestrod Roland –Extreme

Men 100 meters dash-open seniors-section 2-finals
1st Chavaughn Walsh-Unattached
2nd Ryan Lester –Montserrat
3rd Mikkel Bussue –BVI

Men 200 meters dash-under 16
1st Jaquori Isaac-Titans
2nd Eldon Liburd –OTT
3rd Kail Dowe-OTT

Women 200 meters dash –open seniors-finals
1st Zara Browne-BVI
2nd Tijuanique Morton-Fast Twitch
3rd Cileen Hendrickson-Gladiators

Men 200 meters dash-open seniors-finals-section 1
1st D’Atryl Stanley –Titans
2nd Junior Rouse-Fast twitch
3rd Ke’Andrae Campbell –BVI

Men 200 meters dash-open seniors-finals-section 2
1st Lestrod Roland –Extreme
2nd Ebiye Ogoun Jr-Extreme
3rd Queleel Roberts-OTT

Men 200 meters dash-open seniors-finals-section 3
1st Royston Queeley-Titans
2nd Demitri Browne-Etonic
3rd Kunja Tyrese Graham-OTT

Men 400 meters dash-under 16 finals
1st Kamarley Newton-OTT
2nd Khybah Dawson –BVI
3rd Alexander Caines-Titans

Women 400 meters dash-open seniors
1st Hanah Mills-Extreme
2nd Cileen Hendrickson-Gladiators
3rd Renika Daniel-Gladiators

Men 400 meters open seniors-finals
1st Adriano Gumbs-BVI
2nd Tah-J Liburd-Gladiators
3rd Leroy Chapman—Gladiators

Girls under 16- 800 meters-finals
1st Trishannie Warner-Etonics
2nd T’Anna Liburd –gladiators
3rd Jonnecia Williams-Titans

Boys under 16800 meters –finals
1st Alexander Caines-Titans
2nd Jareece Browne –OTT
3rd Elijah Skeete-Gatewood-OTT

Women 800 meters –open seniors
1st Vanessa Williams-Titans

Men 800 meters open seniors-finals
1st Ka-jon Parris-Extreme
2nd Masai Jeffers-Extreme
3rd Timothy Caines 1V-Titans

Girls 1200 meters under 16
1st Jonnecia Williams-Titans’
2nd Makia Jeffers –Titans
3rd Ester Gomez –Titans

Boys 1200 meters under 16
1st Alexander Caines-Titans
2nd Elijal-Gatewood-Skeete-OTT

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