Richie Honoured By Knight Consideration

WICB Media Release

ST JOHN’S, Antigua (WICB) — Former West Indies captain and batsman, Richie Richardson, has said that to be knighted is a great honour, but to be knighted alongside the likes of former bowling greats Andy Roberts and Curtly Ambrose is what makes the occasion special.

Richardson is to be knighted alongside Roberts, the country’s first Test player and Ambrose, one of the most feared bowlers of his time, during the first of three ODIs between England and West Indies here on Friday.

“It’s not something I was thinking about or even expected but nonetheless I am extremely honoured and I am excited and happy and I would just like to say a big thank you to the people of Antigua & Barbuda to see it necessary to bestow such a great honour on myself and also to Curtly and Andy,” he said.

“We have served well and it’s just a wonderful thing to know that people respect and honour the great services that one has given to his country.”

The right-hander, who said the news came from Deputy Governor General Sir Eustace Francis, said he felt a rush of emotions when he was first informed.

“He didn’t want to spell it out very clearly because obviously he didn’t want any rumours to be circling around, but he did say it is going to be something very special and I was just going to wait until I had the confirmation and I obviously was excited and once I got the official confirmation I was even more elated,” he said.

Governor General Dame Louise Lake-Tack will confer the status of knighthood on the former players during the lunch break of Friday’s match.

The trio of Ambrose, Richards and Roberts will join Sir Vivian Richards as knights, although Sir Vivian, who was knighted in 1999, enjoys pride of place as a first among equals with the designation of national hero.

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