Rock Life Cross Fit Of St. Thomas Takes Honours in Fittest Of the Fit

Despite a few critical hiccups, chief organizer of the Fittest of the Fit games, held on Saturday 8t September, Mr. David Walwyn, has indicated that the event was a success.

A total of nine teams participated and attempted the gruelling course, which tested endurance and speed.
The event was held as part of the celebration of Caribbean Wellness Week.

In this challenge, teams of four (4) competed against each other to over-come 20 challenging obstacles. All teams were required to have at least one (1) female. The team that completed the entire obstacle course in the fastest time, without any penalties won.
The obstacle course challenge was scored on the fastest time and most points.
Judges looked for each team participant to complete each obstacle without fault.
Each completed obstacle was worth 20 points. Any team mate that did not complete an obstacle, 5 points were deducted from that team for that obstacle.

The two major hiccups were the fact that the event commenced much later than previously planned and during the inevitable late finish, the lighting proved inadequate and therefore, the grand finale had to be aborted.
However, the declared results are as follows:

(1st) TEAM: Rock Life Cross-fit (St. Thomas)/completed course in 12:28 minutes and 15 seconds

(2nd) TEAM: By the Breath (Nevis-defending champions from last year defeated this year by Rock Life team) completed course in 12:44 and 15 seconds

(3rd) TEAM: Nex GEN (NEVIS) completed course in 14:52 minutes and 06 seconds

(4th) TEAM: SKN Newline (St. KITTS) completed course in 16:02 minutes and 31 seconds (first time competing)

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