Saddlers Swamp CSS

By: Curtis Morton

The inter high schools Netball championship continued on Wednesday at the Grell Hull-Stevens Netball Complex with defending champions Saddlers Secondary coming up against the CSS team.

Teacher Kerisa Smith
Teacher Kerisa Smith

The defending champions played a fast paced game, running rings around their opponents and seemed on a mission to acquire a record breaking score.

The CSS team on the other hand, again allowed a lot of quick turn overs and so the defending champions totally dominated the four quarters.
The final score line was: Saddlers High 78 and CSS 3

Teacher for the Saddlers school team Kerisa Smith expressed disappointment at the final score.

‘We came here aiming for an 80 or more score line but we did not get it,’ she said.
She noted that had her team maintained the level of play with which they started the first half of the game, their goal would have been easily achieved.

The quarter scores for the Saddlers team were:
1st quarter 21 goals
2nd quarter 23 goals
3rd quarter 19 goals
4th quarter 15 goals

She also had some advice for the administrators of Nevis Netball:
‘They need to start practising from the Primary School level. That’s where our girls started,’ she said.

She also confidently stated that her team would repeat championship honours again this year.

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