Sailing : Women on Nevis Exposed to One Day Beach Experience

The Nevis Aquatic and Sailing Center teamed up with the Ministry of Health and Gender Affairs, to engage women on Nevis in an exciting one-day beach affair, on Saturday 16th October.

A representative of the organization, Nikail, outlined the need for persons on the island to utilize the ocean more, as we are surrounded by water and it is there to be enjoyed.

He outlined the activities in store for the women on the day, which included: Aerobics, outside and inside the water; a discovery sail and floating.

Minister of Health and Gender Affairs, Hon. Hazel Brandy Williams, was on hand, complete in her bathing suit and pointed out that she loved the energy coming from the women, who all appeared to be enthused and excited about the venture.

She noted that for too long, many women have had a phobia of the sea and she was happy that so many women were willing to change that.

She could not help remembering the tragic Christena disaster, some fifty-one years ago and stated that the ocean can be viewed from every point on Nevis and needs to be embraced.

Danielle Connor of the Nevis Aquatic and Sailing Center, also noted that she was happy to team up with the Ministry and wished everyone a successful day.

From all reports, the women all enjoyed the day, even venturing out on the sailboats.

According to the Hon. Hazel Brandy Williams, once persons learn about the exercise, the numbers will even increase for the next activity.

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