Sally gets her own home.

Gingerland-Nevis-Friday 20th October, was a very significant one in the life of Sally Jeffers of River Path in Gingerland.

The hard working young woman, saw the dream of owning her own home, become a reality.

As she handed over the keys to Sally, Hon Hazel Brandy-Williams, Junior Minister in the Ministry of Social Development, indicated that she loved Sally’s work ethics and her attitude of going after what she wanted.

She noted that soon after her administration took office, Sally came to her and asked her to help her to get a job, which she did and in more recent times, Sally came and asked her assistance in acquiring a house, because of the situation at her previous place of residence.

Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams stated that a Case worker was sent to investigate and it was discovered that based on her previous living conditions, she qualified for the assistance.

She also took the opportunity to applaud the tremendous work done by one of the team leaders, of one of the two maintenance crews that operate within her ministry, Mr. Sylvester Browne (Thompson), who she indicated is a very creative and effective worker

The neat, cutely designed, one bedroom home, was placed in the yard of the home now occupied by Sally’s mother and other family members.

Administrative officer in the Ministry of Social Development, Mrs. Shelly Liburd, chaired the proceedings and stated that the Ministry of Social Development’s motto, in part, speaks to ‘bringing about meaningful change in our society.’ ‘The success of our society is the link to the wellbeing of each and every citizen,’ she said.

‘Therefore the Ministry of Social Development, is all about empowering and improving lives and living conditions for every individual within the society, to bring about meaningful change,’ she stated.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development, Mr. Keith Glasgow, also addressed the gathering. He stated that his ministry looks out for the most impoverished and vulnerable. He noted that the social case worker will first conduct an assessment and send a report to his ministry. He stated that in spite of the systems in place, sometimes some persons in need, are not identified immediately. One such person, was Sally Jeffers.

He also lauded the efforts of the Hon. Hazel Brandy –Williams, who he stated has affected the lives of numerous persons on the island, in a positive way.

An obviously elated Sally Jeffers, when given the opportunity to respond, thanked Minister Brandy-Williams; Mr. Glasgow, Sylvester Browne and all who assisted her in getting the new house.

Bishop Stephen Liburd then officially blessed the new dwelling and the closing remarks were offered by Mr. Glasgow.

Sally Jeffers then turned the keys in the front door of her new home and invited all present to a tour of the interior.

She was admonished to take care of her new home and to live in peace and comfort.


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