Sam Jones Shared the Folder “NEV-DC GALA After Party Cons 2023” with you

Another huge success for the NEV-DC Group in Washington DC for their much anticipated annual Honors Banquet. The awardees, Llewellyn “Sunshine” Caines, Cleo Hanley-Walters & exciting businessman Randy Jeffers were all deserving of the honor “A Cultural Journey through a Dining Experience”. The After-Party was not to be missed. Congrats to the Organizers and all who made this the success it was. Click the link below to see more photos :!64039?cid=6B8C0C2D30143E0F&resId=6B8C0C2D30143E0F!64039&authkey=!AqpmiYr1CusW_H8&ithint=album

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