Saneldo Willet-Still Intent on Making Windies Squad

Saneldo Willet still has dreams of making it into the West Indies women’s Cricket team. The talented all-rounder, who is incidentally one of the daughters of the legendary Nevisian cricketing hero, Elquemedo Willet, still believes that one day she will indeed wear the Windies colours, on the field of play.
If she does that, she will be breaking Cricketing barriers, just like her dad, who was the first Nevisian and Leeward Islander to make it into the prestigious Windies male team.
In an interview conducted with NTV Sports on Wednesday, Willet stated that it felt somewhat awkward to be the only Nevisian selectee this year, but stated confidently, that next year ‘that will change.’
She pointed out that despite the fact that the Leewards did not win a single match, the team had improved in a huge way, in terms of bowling and fielding, but there was room for improvement, especially in the area of batting.
In this year’s tournament, she had a personal best of 26 runs and had a few other useful knocks as well.
She was hardly required to bowl, as she noted that the team was full of all -rounders.
Going forward, she stated that her local team of females, will resume earnest practice immediately after the Culturama festivities and should be performing well when the next tournament comes around.

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