School supplies tell tale of tragedy in Rock Gutter

At the side of the road in Rock Gutter, an area along the road between Owia and Fancy in northeastern St. Vincent, a single white shoe lies soaked by seawater on the pavement midmorning Monday.
In the raging sea nearby, books rise intermittently to the surface, only to disappear again under the white foamy water of the Atlantic, which continuously batters St. Vincent’s northeastern coast.
Here and there, every so often, a student’s knapsack rises to the surface.
At another point along the coast, what appears to be an article of clothing churns in what, ironically, seems like nature’s washing machine.
“Look one dey (there)!” a voice shouts. And the hundreds of persons peering into the sea move in the direction indicated.
The voice is not talking about shoes, books, knapsacks or articles of clothing.
Someone has caught a glimpse of a students’ body bobbing about in the water.
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