Scorers’ Workshop Held

Curtis Morton

Coaches, youth cricketers and other interested persons, showed up at a Scorers’ workshop, which was held at the ET Willet Park on Thursday 14th June.

At a brief ceremony, which was held prior to the working session, Mr. Carl Tuckett explained that the session was organized by the Youth and Sports Department, in order to make officials and players more aware of the basic rules of the game and to learn the intricacies involved the art of scoring.

He also welcomed main facilitator, Mr. Trevor Parry and his assistant, Miss Sharlene Martin.

Mr. Parry for his part, explained that he was happy to share his wealth of information on the subject and wished the participants well.

Mr. Tuckett, who is a qualified regional Cricket umpire, then led out in teaching the participants the basic signals used by an umpire to relay information from the field to the scorers and viewers.

Mr. Parry then delved into the basic procedures involved in scoring.

Later Miss Martin utilized a lap top computer, to demonstrate how scoring has been upgraded to the use of specific programs, utilizing the computer.

For the practical aspect of the session, Mr. Tuckett did running commentary on a match and the participants were able to show off their newly acquired skills by scoring on a ball by ball basis.

Over twenty persons participated in the workshop.

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