SDA Jets Dive to Second Consecutive Loss

Last year, the SDA Jets easily took care of the Rawlins team, but they knew from the outset, that this year would be different.  After all, the Rawlins team was coming off a record-breaking 184 for no loss versus Easterns and much was expected from the game.

This as the Sports Department/Development Bank tape ball league continued at the ET Willet Park, on Saturday 5th October, in game two.  The Rawlins team won the toss and surprisingly sent the Jets in to bat first.  The Jets were off to a sluggish start with Curtis Morton Jr playing circumspectly and Zavero Forbes, looking just a little RUSTY, as he missed quite a number of deliveries.

When Morton decided to up the ante with a six and a four from the bowling of Wes Huggins, things started to look up for the Jets, but he was bowled in the very next over by young Manners.

Thereafter, wickets fell at regular intervals and even though Forbes batted right through the innings, he only managed one maximum.  The Jets got to exactly 50 when their ten allotted overs ran out.

You would think that the aggressive Rawlins team, would knock off the target in a hurry, but the Jets bowled to a plan and the spin bowlers asked quite a lot of questions.  The Rawlins team lost 4 wickets in the process and generally struggled versus the slow bowlers.  However, they eventually got to the target in 7 overs

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