SDA Jets Turns off Highlights and All Stars Slam Dunks GT

Two more matches were played in the ongoing tape ball Cricket tournament, being hosted by the Youth and Sports Department, on the evening of Sunday 21st October, at the ET Willet Park.
In match one, SDA Jets engaged Highlights. Jets’ Captain, Curtis Morton Jr, won the toss and immediately opted to bat first.
He was off to steady opening stand with Zavero Forbes and when Forbes was bowled, was joined by Curtis Morton Sr.
The pair batted right through the remaining overs, with the senior Morton being run out on the last ball, trying to get an extra run.
Jets 125 for 2 in their allotted 10 overs.
When the Highlights team batted, they failed to negotiate the spin of the Jets team and fell badly behind in the scoring rate, losing wickets along the way.
Jets were so comfortably placed that they were able to bowl 8 year old Jaden Browne in the closing stages of the game and even then Highlights could not score freely.
They succumbed at 65 for 5 at the end of their 10 overs.
Summarized scores: SDA Jets: 125 for 2 in 10 overs:
Curtis Morton jr 65* 3×4 and 5×6);
Curtis Morton Sr 22;
Zavero Forbes 17
L. Mills 1 for 23
Highlights 65 for 5 in 10 overs:
Peter Charles 26;
N. Southwell 16
Curtis Morton Sr 2 for 10;
Curtis Morton Jr 2 for 14
SDA Jets won by 60 runs
Man of the match-Curtis Morton Jr

In the second game of the evening, GT United came face to face with All stars.
It was a highly anticipated game. After all, both teams had won all of their matches played up to that point.
However, it turned out to be a mismatch of sorts.
GT United lost the early wicket of Skipper Sharma, after electing to bat first. However, the innovative Alvin, showed his skills with his favourite SCOOP shot and lap sweeps but after he went, the scoring faltered. Only Anand Bhim scored with any semblance of freedom.
GT United got to 95 for 3 from their 10 overs. A competitive score.
When the All-stars team batted, Jamie Cornelius reacted as if someone on the GT team had insulted him or maybe he had a plane to catch, because he just went after the GT bowlers, like an unstoppable freight train.
He charged the fast bowlers and had absolutely no respect for the spinners.
It rained sixes at the ET Willet Park and what initially looked like a tricky target, was knocked off in a mere 6 overs, when the massacre was complete.
Jamie Cornelius had scored an imperious 80 not out which included all of 10 sixes and just 2 fours.
Summarized scores: GT United 95 for 3 in 10 overs:
Alvin Hardyal 48;
Anand Bhim 27
Akadianto Willet 1 for 9;
Junie Williams 1 for 15
All Stars -96 for 1 in 6 overs:
Jamie Cornelius 80* (10×6 and 2×4);
Javani Tyson 14
Sharma 1 for 15
All stars won by 9 wickets
Man of the match-Jamie Cornelius

Points standing
All Stars 12 points from 4 matches (4 wins)

GT United 9 points from 4 matches (3 wins; 1 loss)

Empire 6 points from 3 matches (2 wins; 1 loss)

SDA Jets 6 points from 4 matches (2 wins; 2 losses)

Calypso 6 points from 4 matches (2 wins; 2 losses)

Rawlins 3 points from 4 matches (1 win; 3 losses)

Highlights 0 points from 4 matches (4 losses)

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