Security Forces Encouraged to remain Proactive, Especially as the Carnival and Christmas Season Approaches

Basseterre, St. Kitts, December 14, 2016 (SKNIS): During the Signing of Sales Agreement for Supply of CCTV Equipment with VIVOTEK on Wednesday, December 14, Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Dr the Honourable Timothy Harris, encouraged law enforcement bodies in St. Kitts and Nevis to remain proactive, especially as the Carnival and Christmas Season approaches.
“As we move into the Carnival and Christmas Season a lot more activities are going to take place. We have important events coming up, including VAT Day [and] we expect that the police [would have] already alerted that they will do all that they can to improve their visibility and the ability to strike strategically and tactically if the situation demands,” said Prime Minister Harris.
Prime Minister Harris said that the Government stands steadfast in ensuring that the security forces get the necessary resources they need to carry out their duties.
“We are prepared to give and we have given the security forces our fullest support. We have perhaps in order now over $800,000.00, representing the last investment we have given to the Defence Force in terms of its transportation needs,” he said. “We hope that all these resources can be harmonized and effectively used so that when we talk about the resources that we are given, the public can see the results because ultimately, there is only one word that matters – it is the results on which we are going to be judged.”
The minister of national security recognized the work of the security forces.
“As we are talking about security at this critical period of time, I also want again to commend the security officers for their work so far and while in the battle against the homicides rate, we have not seen the kinds of results that we would have liked,” said Dr. Harris. “We are hoping that the additional resources that will come in the New Year would lead to more acceptable results. A lot is being demanded of the security forces as indeed, a lot should be demanded from the security forces but we as a government have a duty to ensure that we give them these resources that the country reasonably can provide to ensure that they can perform efficiently and effectively.”

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