Senator Byron-Nisbett hails Mol-Phil Explorers Youth Club and applauds club’s sponsors

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, January 29, 2018 (PLP PR Media Inc.) — Senator and Deputy Speaker in the National Assembly the Hon Akilah Byron-Nisbett has underscored the significant role the Mol-Phil Explorers Youth Club is playing in keeping young people on a positive path and while thanking its sponsors, is hoping that more will come on board.

“I am very pleased with the initiative and I am hoping that it can grow and the only way it can grow is to get the sponsorship that it needs from not just the community but from the wider populace,” said Hon Byron-Nisbett.

“Organisations whether they are private or public could partner with the Mol-Phil Explorers and with the police in order to ensure that we can do whatever we can to keep our young people in a positive path where we always ensure that we can have a community and a country that continues to move upward, forward stronger.”

Senator Byron-Nisbett made the remarks on Saturday January 27 at Phillips Village hard court at a ceremony organised by the Ministry of National Security where the signboard for Mol-Phil Explorers Youth Club Camp Site was unveiled, and presentations made to the club by a cross-section of donors.

“It is a pleasure to be here, and it is always a pleasure to be among young people,” said Hon Byron-Nisbett who was representing Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, and also the Area Parliamentary Representative, Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, who was away on Government business. “It is always a pleasure to be a part of something that reaches and touches the lives of young people.”

“I am always pleased to hear there is an opportunity to hear positive things about young people and to see young people doing positive things,” added Senator Byron-Nisbett. “I am so happy that the Police Force in collaboration with the community and other external bodies have decided to do this and to start this project here. I know there is talk about starting it in other areas and I am definitely looking forward to seeing that come to fruition.”

A new Explorers Youth Club was launched in Shadwell in December last year, and according to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security Mr Osmond Petty who was chairing the proceedings, plans are at an advanced stage as his Ministry engages parents in St. Paul’s area to have another club set up there. He also promised that at least five clubs will have been set up by the time the country celebrates its Independence Anniversary this year.

Senator Byron-Nisbett commented that she was hopeful that the parents will also play a strong role in ensuring that their children are always present and always there for whatever activities that the club offers. She at the same time praised the Liberty New Testament Church of God which offered to be taking all members of the club to church once a month, and also assist them with their homework.

“That will be so helpful to a number of households and I am sure the children and the parents will look forward to that and I am hoping that your sponsors who will have heard that will also take advantage of that opportunity and continue to assist in whichever way possible to ensure that our young people get the help they require for projects and homework assignments,” she said. “I urge all of you young persons present here today to take full advantage of this assistance as I am certain it will be one of the best things that you can do to make sure that you continue to progress and move forward in school as well.”

In conclusion, Senator the Hon Akilah Byron-Nisbett said: “Kudos to you for being the first set, I am hoping that you all are enjoying it, and I am hoping the parents too are seeing the benefit of this programme. I am very happy that this project is coming to fruition and has taken shape and it is taking on a life of its own and I wish it all the best and all the success.”

Present at the function included the Deputy Commissioner of Police Hilroy Brandy, Assistant Commissioners of Police Merclyn Hughes, and Terrence James, founder of the Explorers Youth Clubs movement Inspector Rosemarie Isles-Joseph, and members of the Community Policing Initiative team. Also present was Dr Neals Chitan, Crime Reduction Specialist and Mrs Ann Chitan.

Permanent Secretary Mr Osmond Petty thanked a number of sponsors who would have contributed to the initiative even before they had the Explorers clubs going, and the support that has been given and promised to the Mol-Phil Explorers since it was formed.

Sponsors present included President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Mr José Rosa who was accompanied by the Human Resources Manager at Kajola Kristada Mrs Malvis James; Mr Veron Lake of the Ross University; representatives of the Ministry of Social Services Mr Gerald Connor, Ms Alicia Collins, and Ms Lyncia Dore; and representatives of the New Testament Church of God, Ms Elsie Harry, and Mrs Jaseth Lewis-Williams.


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