Senator Powell says, “The Nevis Minister of Health is a failure”

Charlestown, Nevis (Thursday, July 7, 2016) Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) Senator in the Nevis House of Assembly, Hon. Carlisle Powell told listeners to popular radio program Issues on Freedom FM that, “Three years and six months into a 5 year term and the only project that the incompetent Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) Minister of Health in Nevis, the Hon. Mark Brantley has brought close to completion, is the extension to the morgue at the Alexandra Hospital. ”

Powell referred to a number of matters that has been ignored at the hospital including: a two machine dialysis unit that has been sitting on the Alexandra hospital grounds rotting away in the sun for three years, and a diagnostic wing for the hospital that was promised to the people of Nevis two years ago but he (Brantley) has failed to deliver on.

“It is both troubling and telling as Brantley sees it better to take care of the dead, than the living,” said Powell.

Over a year ago, when the Hon. Carlisle Powell revealed in the Nevis House of Assembly that 26 babies had died at the hospital during CCM’s term, the CCM never acknowledged it to the public but hurriedly moved out the expectant mothers and spent about a million dollars on the maternity wing.

Powell has continued to state publicly that the government must have a proper plan to make government run smooth. He laid out how the system works by stating that first plans are “laid out in the Throne speech and in budgets”. According to Powell, the best plan the lazy Premier, Vance Amory has laid out in his(Vance Amory) own words were:”Once I am elected I will develop a plan”. Powell and many others are asking today, “Where is the plan?”

Premier Vance Amory and Hon. Mark Brantley are receiving two salaries and Federal jobs. They have not facilitated a House of Assembly sitting for over a year and a number of important Nevisian issues have not been addressed.

According to Powell, “They do not care if poor people in Nevis cannot buy food or pay for water, As long as they can pay for votes. How much is your vote worth… $500 or $1000 for five years? Do the math, even if you collect the money for your vote, Amory and Brantley are laughing all the way to the bank while collecting millions in double salaries and double allowances as they tour the world at our expense”.

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