Senior –Janet Claxton Features at Inez France Pre-School

Charlestown-Nevis-It was a unique blend, in more ways than one.

On Tuesday 7th November, the Nevis Public Library, initiated a unique mix, as part of its celebration of Library week.

On that day Library officials, led by chief Librarian Miss Anatasia Parris, journeyed to the Inez France Preschool, where they teamed up with one of Nevis’ senior citizens, Mrs. Janet Claxton, for a morning of entertainment and education for the little preschoolers.

The connection was made through the Seniors’ Division on Nevis, which is now headed by Miss Trudy Prentice, who was also present, along with a staff member.

So, in reality, it was a case of the Library staff linking with the Seniors’ division and the little children being educated by one of Nevis’ long serving seniors.

Preliminary items included welcome and introductions, along with the singing of popular choruses.

Mrs. Janet Claxton then took center stage and she brought the biblical story of The Prodigal Son, to life, in her creative delivery to the children.

Immediately after that, the children received another treat, as Mr. Craig David used the gift of PUPPETRY to entertain but yet, educate the children on the issue of being important.

At the end of the session, one of the staff members from the Library, presented Headmistress at the institution, Mrs. Brenda Smithen-Williams, with a gift package for the use of the school.

Mrs. Williams expressed gratitude and vowed that it would be put to good use.

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