By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-As the seniors on Nevis continue their month of activities, many of them congregated at the St.Paul’s Anglican church conference room on Monday 12th October.

On this day, the focus was on them getting their sugar levels in their blood tested and also to check their blood pressure.
Some of them appeared a little nervous. One of them stated: ‘I hope that nothing is wrong because I am looking forward to winning several medals at our sports day on Thursday.’

The health checks were conducted by Nurses from the Alexandra Hospital who made the seniors feel very comfortable and also gave them relevant advice towards improvement.

While the health checks were being conducted, the seniors also had an area designated for the display and sale of handicraft items that they had made.
One of them opined: “We make the best craft items, because we have the experience.’
The items included: colourful mats made of scrap cloth; baskets; fans and hats among others.

They were offered for sale to members of the general public who passed through during the course of the morning.

Also visiting the venue for the event, were representatives of the Nevis Cooperative Credit Union, who are significantly also celebrating their annual month of emphasis.
Speaking on behalf of the visiting team, was Director of the Board, Mr. Vernel Powell who stated that they had come bearing gifts and noted that ‘it was better to give than to receive.’

He congratulated the seniors for their tremendous contributions to the Nevisian community throughout the years and noted that the NCCU would always be happy to make such contributions to their programs and to their welfare.
Seniors’ division Coordinator, Mrs. Garcia Hendrickson, explained that there were quite a number of activities planned for the seniors during the month, which will incur quite a bit of expense. These include the sports day on Thursday 15th October; a scenic ride and tour to St.Kitts and a gala evening.

She thanked the NCCU for their continued support of the seniors and revealed that the cheque valued $1,000.00 EC and promised that it will be put to good use.
The other representatives of the NCCU included: Board President, Colin Walwyn; Miss Julet Chiverton; Manager G. Sydney Newton and Miss Trevancia Smithen.

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