Seniors Have Fun on Fun Day

Despite the fact that there was a sharp shower earlier in the morning and intermittent showers throughout and although this may have caused a much lower turn out than was anticipated, the seniors of Nevis who showed up at the ET Willet Park, on Thursday 18th October, truly had loads of fun.
The seniors’ fun day commenced with prayer and the singing of the national anthem.
This was followed by warm up exercises and then the action on the greens commenced.
The ever efficient Commentator of the day, was Chesley FARO Davis and the ever reliable DJ BULF provided a wide variety of musical entertainment.
The seniors participated in such races as: Thread the roll; dress up race; fill the bottle and flat races.
Later, they also participated in fun events such as Guess that Song and Name the person in the picture.
Minister of Sports, Hon. Eric Evelyn spent some time with the seniors and actually participated in one of the thread the roll races and sneaked a bronze medal in the process.
The Caregivers also took part in some of the races and some school children also participated in some of the races

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