Single Parents’ Group Presents Annual Scholarships

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-Thursday 31st August, was a very significant day in the lives of two students on Nevis.

On that day, the Single parents’ support group, which operates under the auspices of the Department of Social Services, made the presentation of annual scholarships to two deserving students.

The brief presentation ceremony was held at the office of the Department of Social Services and was ably chaired by employee of the Department and group member, Ms. Michelle Freeman, who took time out to elaborate on the workings of the group and its objectives.

She pointed out that the group was formed out of the need for single parents to support each other and to look out for the welfare and advancement of its members. The hope is that the members will in turn reach out and assist other single parents in the wider community.

She used the opportunity to invite other single parents to become actively involved with the group and stated that the group met at the department, every third Monday in each month.

In terms of some of the activities with which the group is involved, she indicated that the members have regular discussions on issues that impact their role as single parents; organize cooking classes and educational sessions, conduct fund raisers, host an annual parenting workshop and regular skills training workshops.

As matter of fact, she stated that one such workshop will come on stream shortly, in the form of a course in PLUMBING.

The group also makes annual scholarship presentations to assist two students each year, with monies raised during their fund raising activities.

Group member, Miss Rohbena Wilkinson, then presented scholarship recipient, young Kenyman Caines of the Charlestown Primary school,  with his scholarship package, which included such supplies as pens, pencils, books, bag pack, lunch kit and uniforms.

The other recipient for this year, Alayah Elliot and parents, were unavoidably absent and she will receive her package at a later date.

In making the presentation, Miss Wilkinson admonished young Caines, to work hard at his academic pursuits and used the opportunity to thank the members of the general public for the many contributions, which helped to make the scholarships a reality.


Mrs. Caines for her part, thanked the single parents’ group for the kind gesture and commended them for their efforts in assisting members of the community in a real way.

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