SJCIC Hosts another Successful Kite Flying Contest

Curtis Morton

The long serving St. John’s Community Improvement Club (SJCIC), hoisted its annual kite flying competition of Friday 25th March-Good Friday.
The event was held at the usual windy venue, at the FLATS in Cole Hill.
The day got off to a late start but when things gelled together, the participants and the spectators truly showed up in their numbers.
There was music; food and a wide variety of drinks in galore. All with a focus on the local, cultural cuisine.
Many individuals who were not in the contest, brought out their family members to fly kites or just to enjoy the LIME.
For the competitors though, it was a tough contest, as they pitted their creative abilities and kite flying skills against each other.
At the end of the day, the judges announced the following results:

Best Papered Kite
1st – Keshawn Dore
2nd – Gavin Williams

Most Creative Kite
1st – Arthur Farrell
2nd – Clayton Byron

Biggest Kite
1st – Ishmael Farrell
2nd – Geno Liburd

Best Flying Kite
1st – Geno Liburd
2nd – Keshawn Dore

Best Book leaf Kite
Alijah Williams

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