SKN Farmers Gain Knowledge on Innovative Technologies from FAO And AMEXICID Solar Pump & Irrigation Systems Workshop

(MOA Basseterre, St. Kitts :

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) in collaboration with the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID) hosted a two-day workshop on the operation and maintenance of Solar Pump Irrigation Systems (SPIS) for St. Kitts and Nevis beneficiary farmers.

This initiative promoted technological innovations, such as solar-powered (micro) irrigation systems to improve water efficiency and management (e.g. hydroponics and rainwater harvesting), and access to clean and renewable energy (solar and wind), to increase overall agricultural productivity and efficiency in water use across the twin-island federation.

The first session was held in St. Kitts on Tuesday 4th June at 9:00 am at Jeffers Farm, Fahies Estate Newton Ground. Participants were allowed to gain hands-on experience in SPIS operation and maintenance, troubleshooting, including rainwater harvesting shed (when/how to clean roof, gutters, solar panel, solar pump, bladder or tank drip system), the use of the tensiometer, P.H meter and key recommendations for good upkeep of the system.

With efficient and reliable irrigation provided by SPIS, farmers can ensure that their crops receive consistent and adequate water supply. This can result in improved crop quality, increased yields, and ultimately higher profits for food producers.

The Solar Pump Irrigation Systems workshop wrapped up with a final session on Wednesday, June 5th at Wards Farm in Nevis.

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