Skn Moves Chapter Notice

Skn Moves Nevis Chapter Committee will be hosting its first event for 2023, our third annual edition of the 2 mile bike relay. Slated for Sunday 23 January 2023 start time is 7.00 am sharp.

We are asking the general public to be aware that the TDC Carpark Charlestown will be used as the Hub venue for the 2 Mile Bike relay, Ricaldo Caines Challenge Trophy.

We are asking persons to refrain from using the parking area from Saturday 28th January at 7.00 pm to Sunday 29th January 11 am to accommodate the cyclists.

Please also note that the junction at the top of Hunkins drive will be closed as will the bottom end of Craddock Road and the road coming into Charlestown by the Simeon Daniel Buste.

We do hope you will assist during this temporary closure

For further information please contact Shelagh James on 469 5521 ext. 6393

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