SKN Moves Presents Part 2 Day 2 NCDS Quiz Competition.

Skn Moves – Nevis Chapter hosted the second day of the two-day event the NCDS Quiz and finals were held at Malcolm Guishard’s Visitors Centre on Sunday 26th November, starting time 5.30 pm.

The quiz was comprised of two parts The first part had 6 segments which called for the advocates to become interactive via visual aid. video live, audio and taste elements.

The second segment was the quick-fire round 30 questions first to respond correctly, failure to answer correctly opened the opportunity to steal a point.

The advocates had 3 months to study a booklet designed to assist them in revising for the quiz competition.

The scores after part 1
Judy Webbe 24 points
Rhosyll Gaskell 24 points

The scores after part 2
Judy Webbe 16 points
Rhosyll Gaskell 13 Points

Final Score Judy Webbe 171 + 24 + 16 = 211

Final Score Rhosyll Gaskell 175+ 24+ 13 = 212

Award Presentations were made by Assistant Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of health Et al Ms. Latoya Jeffers and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Et al Ms. Shelisa Martin Clarke.

Quiz master Ms. Latoya Jeffers. Timekeeper and scorer Mr. Christopher Clarke Judges Chef Micheal Henville, Dr. Hadassa Willet – Sargeant and Ms. Michelle Sutton Health Educator.

Sponsors for the events : Ministry of Health, Montpelier Beach hotel, Oaulie Beach hotel, Mount Nevis hotel, Nevis Tourism Authority, Best Buy supermarket, Gender Affairs, Alexandra Hospital.

Special thanks to Carl Tyson for the technical support to the Committee members of SKN Moves – Nevis Chapter and of course NTV for coverage and the in-house audience.

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