SKN Sports Summit Going Well

Kelvin Bramble, the chief Coordinator of the ongoing St. Kitts-Nevis Sports Summit, indicated on Wednesday, that the program has been going extremely well so far.

There are approximately thirty participants and the younger ones are subjected to skills training sessions during the morning periods, at the Grell Hull –Stevens Netball complex.

The older participants are exposed to more intense skills sets, which are conducted by expert trainers from Canada. These sessions are conducted at the Brown Hill hard court, from 5 to 8 pm at evenings.

The trainers for their part, are happy with the enthusiasm and willingness to learn, being demonstrated by the young athletes.  However, one of them opined that he has found the Nevisian athletes to be somewhat timid.  He is hoping that by the conclusion of the camp, that they would become more expressive of their true feelings, which can be verbalized in a polite manner.

The emphasis has been placed on improving their fitness levels and guiding them into being better human beings, generally.

The camp is set to climax with a grand showcase at the Brown Hill hard court, today Friday 16th August.  According to Bramble, this is a must see.  The general public is invited to witness the climaxing moments of the SKN Sports summit, this evening.

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