SKNFA Super 6 Playoffs – Friday 23rd September 2022

(Delroy Jeffers)
SKNFA Super 6 – Playoffs
Played at Warner Park Cricket Stadium

Match # 1 – 6pm

Rams Village Superstars vs St. Peters
(Halftime score 2 – 1 in favour of St. Peters)
Final Score 2 – 2

Scoring for St. Peters
Makonen Gumbs struck twice 23rd & 31st min

Scoring for Village
Travis Rogers 44th min
G’Vaune Amory 80th min

Yellow cards
Makonen Gumbs (St. Peters) 24th min
Leroy Hanley (Village) 52nd min
Salas Cannonier (St. Peters) 55th min
Tijauni Isaac (St. Peters) 59th min
Yuson Slader (St. Peters) 86th min

Man of the Match was Makonen Gumbs (St. Peters)

Match Officials: Trevester Richards, Lenroy Parris, Kenwin Colins & Jermaine Wickham
Referee Assessor: Garfield Virgo
General Coordinator: Shanwa Broadbelt

Match #2 – 8:15pm

H.E. Garden Hotspurs vs Sol Island Auto Conaree
(Halftime score 0 – 0)
Final Score 2 – 0 In Favour of Sol Island Auto Conaree

Scoring for Conaree
Wazim Howe 80th min
Kadeen Lewis 85th min

Yellow cards for Spurs
Shervin Allen 69th min
Everton Cannonier (Physio) 77th min

The man of the match was Wazim Howe (Sol Island Auto Conaree)

Match Officials: Kimbell Ward, Mario Parry, Delroy Jeffers & Shandor Wilkinson
Referee Assessor: Kendrea Tully
General Coordinator: Theo Clarke

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