The ET Willett Park was the ultimate classroom. It was Wednesday 8th March and on that evening, the SL Horsfords Highlights team was the tutor and the Youths of The Future, were the students.

It was match one in the best of three finals, in the local Football league and judging from the loud cheers to some excellent early ball skills shown by the Youth team, they were the crowd’s favourites.

However, having missed no fewer than two clear chances in the early exchanges, the youths eventually wilted under the pressure applied by the Highlights strikers and with just seconds apart, two goals were slammed into the back of the net.

At half time, it was 2 goals to nil, in favour of the Highlights team.

The youths tried their utmost to equalize in the second half but the Highlights men were on a mission, they converted two more times, before the game concluded and the Youths managed a consolation goal, via a penalty which was superbly executed.

Final score: 4 goals to 1 in favour of the Highlights team.

Game two is scheduled for the same venue on Wednesday 15th March.

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