Slogan Winner Officially Saluted

St. James Parish-Nevis- The 2019 slogan winner for Culturama 45, Miss Verneen Williams, was officially saluted for her winning slogan for this year’s festival, when the Culturama committee held its media launch on Friday 3rd May.
The media launch was held at the Mount Nevis hotel and Miss Williams was called forward and saluted by Culturama chairman Antonio ABONATTY Liburd and then by the Minister of Culture, Hon. Eric Evelyn.
Chairperson of the significant event, Mr. Huey Sargeant, pointed out that Miss Williams’ entry, won from a field of some 280 submissions and encapsulated the essence of what the Culturama committee wants to highlight for the festival this year.
Her winning slogan:
‘Love, passion, pride-Culturama 45’

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