So Nice-They Will Do It Twice

Michael WISE Herbert, chief coordinator of activities at the Hard times Playing field, has informed that the fun day last Sunday was so exciting, that his working committee has consented to another similar activity, this coming Sunday, 3rd February.

WISE, accompanied by three visitors from England, made the statement on Tuesday, while the visitors lauded the activity and indicated that they had thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The action will commence at 1 pm and WISE is urging all individuals and teams to come out early.

There will be a cricket tournament-six a side; dominoes; water sports for the children; 50 meters races; sack races and tug of war, among other exciting events.

He indicated that there will not be as many prizes available, as was the case last week but noted that there will still be some available, complements of some of the regular sponsors.

The action commences at 1 pm and will go until dusk.

WISE further indicated that the hope is that similar activities will spread to other communities in the not too distant future.

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