Social Graces Workshop Prepares Students for Work

Basseterre, St. Kitts, June 03, 2013 (SKNIS): Business etiquette, etiquette in public places and dining etiquette were just some of the topics highlighted in the May 30 Social Graces Workshop at the Irish Town Primary School.

Developed by the Ministry of Education through the Learning Support Coordinator and the Heads of the Learning Support Department, the aim of the programme was to take students out of the normal school setting by organising workshops that will prepare them for the future.

Learning Support Coordinator Eleanor Phillip stated that along with helping students to excel academically, educators should also instill in them social skills that will benefit them in the careers.

“It is therefore very essential that we as educators provide opportunities for students to build these social skills to take to the workplaces.”

Chief Education Officer Clarice Cotton encouraged the students to pay attention to what they will learn so that they will have an edge over their colleagues.

“The things that you will learn and that you will hear today keep them with you and practice them,” she stated. “So when the time comes to leave school you will be well equipped to function in the world of work.”

Also covered during the workshop was learning entrepreneurial skills. Students were given the opportunity to think about starting their own business.

Participants were drawn from the Basseterre High, Cayon High, Charles E. Mills Secondary, Gingerland Secondary, Saddlers Secondary, Verchilds High and Washington Archibald High Schools.

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