Social Services Department to Roll out Program for Troubled Youths

Charlestown-Nevis–The Family Services & Probation Division of the Social Services Department will in a few weeks be implementing activities under the YTS (Yes to Success) Personal Development and Skills Training Diversion Program.

This is a diversion program which will give troubled youth, those suspended from schools and youth who go before the court for minor offences a chance to redeem and develop them through rigorous counselling, skills training and work internships.
The department is seeking assistance in the advertising of the upcoming programs. Members of the public are kindly asked to refer to persons they know or announce at their school, church or other community meetings.

In this upcoming cycle, activities will commence on July 15th, 2015.
Miss Sandra Maynard, director of the Social Services Department, indicated that the program will offer:

Awareness Sessions, Counselling, Skills training and Job Internships

Skills training in Tiling, Landscaping, Culinary Arts, Videography, Tailoring, Carpentry, Joinery

Skills training available this program will be in Tiling, Culinary Arts and Landscaping

Participants will need to do a 1 hour and a half session and 4-5 hours skills training three days per week.

A stipend will be paid and will range between $80 and $150 EC weekly depending on the age of the participant.

Who qualifies for this program?

Young person ages 15 to 25 who would fall in all or at least three of the categories listed below. In order to target appropriately an interview might be necessary after application.

Young persons seeking to become productive citizens through skilled work

School leavers with few or no CXC subjects

Young persons suspended from school

Youth in trouble with the Law (minor offences)

Youth in need of a diversion program

Applications are available at the Department of Social Services, Family Services Division or kindly contact us at 469 0720 or 469-5521 Ext. 2258. Spaces are limited so we are encouraging early registration.

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