Solar Bus Sheds in Nevis

By now, Nevisian commuters have noticed the green, yellow and red solar-lit bus sheds on the road in Nevis. Barbados-based Managing Director, Barney Gibbs has confirmed that the first 20 shelters have arrived on the island and are currently being assembled in co-operation with Public Works.

Adopt A Stop St. Kitts & Nevis provides seating and shade for public transit commuters as well as outdoor advertising for sponsors at no cost to Government. A further investment of 10 more shelters are due to arrive in the island by the end of May 2016.

With over 20 years of experience in outdoor advertising in the Caribbean, Gibbs notes that, “The success of the project has always been its dedication to maintenance and its focus on environmental sustainability. We have always chosen tropical architecture as inspiration for the design and privileged locally-sourced materials, hurricane resistance and a local identity.”

The roof pitch is ideal for the installation of solar panels, which provides commuters with ambient lighting at night and sponsors with greater visibility of their message. The shelters have a small footprint, and can be easily moved to accommodate road works. Gibbs remarks, “The shelters are contemplated for short wait times and 4 to 6 persons. Larger structures can encourage the three V’s: vagrancy, vandalism and vending.”

The Nevisian Government has been supportive of the project since it creates an opportunity for organized access points to public transit.

Gibbs says, “Most of the main corporate supporters of this project made it clear to us that they wanted to place shelters in both of the sister isles. We have welcomed, Flow, Digicel, Horsfords, Rams, Nagico – and look forward to others in the future.”

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