They are ladies who are committed to the revival of the sports of Netball in Nevis and if they have their way, Netball will soon once again be one of the main sporting disciplines on the island.

Ace goal shooter, Rhonda Thompson of Brown Hill, is in the forefront of making sure that the sport of Netball does not become extinct on the island.

According to her, Nevis has gained much recognition because of the sport.

After all, Cresentia PIPSIN O’Flaherty was the first woman from Nevis to make it into the West Indies Netball team and Lydia Thompson- Claxton, not only followed suit, captained the prestigious team.

Lydia Claxton is also on the frontlines of the revival and Rhonda is pleased that one of the persons who helped to coach her to such a successful Netballer, is now rallying alongside her in the worthy cause.

For starters, the women are meeting at the Brown Hill court on Monday, Tuesday, sometimes Wednesday and Thursday evenings, from about 6.30 pm when they get into serious warm up exercises and Netball drills and later get onto the court in a more competitive phase.

Rhonda made it clear that it is not a club. All women on Nevis, who want to see the sport revived, are cordially invited to become a part of the movement.

Young ladies who are interested in learning the game are also invited and they can be assured that the experienced Netballers on hand will take time out to train them, indicated Miss Thompson.

The vision is not for the sessions to remain in Brown Hill. Once more persons get interested, the ladies plan to take the sport to the various courts across the island, into as many villages as possible.

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