Southeast Peninsula land issue still in litigation, says AG Byron

Basseterre, St. Kitts, December 08, 2015 (SKNIS)—Attorney General, Honourable Vincent Byron Jr. has disclosed that the legal issue regarding the ownership and transfer of land on the Southeast Peninsula involving Dr. Wycliffe Baird and David Goldgar is still ongoing. A caller to the radio programme “Working for You” on which the attorney general was a guest, raised the issue and expressing concern that Dr. Baird, a local, has not been compensated by the previous administration for his land after Christopher Harbour acquired lands on the Southeast Peninsula.

Mr. Byron explained the situation, disclosing that the land has been in litigation since the early 1990’s. He said Dr. Baird would have entered into a purchase and sale agreement for 172 acres of land at the Southeast Peninsula from the landowner David Goldgar, who had 850 acres at Majors Bay.

“There was an issue of closing (the sale of the land) and there were some legal issues that were never resolved,” Mr. Bryon disclosed. That issue remained unsolved when the Christopher Harbour Development came to St. Kitts. The Douglas Administration, Mr. Byron noted sold all 850 acres of the land, including the disputed 172 acres that is still in court.

“Those lands were then sold to Christophe Harbour and so through the acquisition, the government owed as it was, those who the land had been for and Mr. Goldgar has gotten some of that money. There were other monies still to be paid and what has happened over the last three months (is that) the matter has been in court and it still needs to be determined, ultimately as to whether Mr. Baird’s interest would be indicated or the monies would go off to Mr. Goldgar,” Mr. Byron said.

According to court documents, Mr. Baird paid a total of $1.4 million towards the lands, and took numerous steps towards the closing of the sale and the development of the lands. He made the payments to David Goldgar, personally. Some of the payments were negotiated through or deposited with First Security Bank of Utah. According to the statement of claim, the first closing date was finally scheduled for 21st February 1991. At that date, however, the Goldgars had not moved to complete the transaction. A subsequent closing date, 2nd April 1991, was aborted. After numerous demands, David Goldgar returned $760,000.00 to Mr. Baird, without interest, leaving an outstanding balance still unpaid, notwithstanding numerous demands, according to court documents.

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