Speak The Truth Black Man

By: ‘Carbo’ Cornelius

Since the beginning of the early century we as a people have been fooled by ourselves. We always gave others of the same race the mandate to play in the hand of others and misguide us. For example, take the early Europeans who traded with Africa, all Sir John Hawkins and his men had to do was to cross the Mediterranean Sea with garments and as long as that ship arrived in Africa, it was a surety that they would pick up their exchange.

In other words, cloth was given to Idris Alooma, Afonso the 1st and the other great kings of Africa in exchange for black people. Black men and women sold by black men and women to Sir Walter Raleigh and the others. How many of the European traders ever captured a brother? They were captured by a brother sent by another and by great kings and leaders. In our era we have a government which is to provide direction and direct policies. We love to say that governance is of the people, by the people and for the people but in practical terms, does it really work that way?

When political parties come to the people they are asking for the mandate to govern all the people with policies for all the people. When any party achieves that mandate, the European and African mentality should not be a part of modern day policies. One race cannot continue to divide another.

People are asking me if it is because of a change of administration why I stopped writing or calling in on the media programs but I will never hold my peace while wrong is going on.

Why is it right for Mr Astaphan, Hon Harris and Hon Condor to speak so eloquently yet so disrespectfully of the St Kitts / Nevis Labour Party and its leader the Hon Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas? Now why is it so wrong for people to vote for the NRP? When a party in government starts to dismiss persons from their jobs and withdraw signed contracts, it is a sure sign that such a government is for some of the people. Why threaten people to fear?

I am a small business man who started an Auto Mechanic Repair Clinic on October 7th 1984. I have never lived abroad and for over 28 years I have trained many persons. At present I have in excess of five persons employed. I gained a service contract in June of 2012 and eminences are threatening to take that contract. If we continue with this worthless behaviour, we will soon have an “Ebb” society. I hope all of us who supported President Obama did not think that he should have fired all Republicans.

Why is it the CCM took such a harsh stand against the people of Nevis? How could an island so divided by its leaders form a Unity Government with another island to lead a country forward? Or God forbid that the People’s Action Movement win enough seats to unite with the rest, would it be the same victimization of the Labour Supporters as CCM victimize NRP supporters?

In November of 2012 I asked Carlisle Powell a question on his Tell Me Radio Program. That question was repeated on Chef Waltie’s Breakfast Menu! The question was “suppose you woke up one morning and Nevis had a leader and the people have none? Carlisle jokingly said that he would go back to sleep. Dire as that situation may be, this is not the time for any of us to go back to sleep. This is a time for all of us to be vigilant. My Brothers and Sisters, never ever let our lovely island have a leader who does not lead the people. This is not the Nevisian way.

I am intrigued that a telephone call to a citizen to inform him of the removal of a billion dollar project development from Nevis brought “strangers” together. How would the loss of that project benefit Nevisians? While reflecting on this situation, a couple of songs came to mind, “The Whiteman’s Wish” by King Dis and Dat, “They Coming Back” by King Astro and a few more. Part of one that I like was done by De King Arrow and goes like this: “COULD YOU STAND UP AND SEE YOUR COUNTRY DYING AND NEVER GIVE A HELPING HAND”?

Where the voices of the Eric’s and the Rupert are’s of Nevis? Marcus Garvey said “In a world of wolves one has to go armed with the words”. You see my brothers and sisters; the tongue is a powerful weapon. Every election, rumors have been spread of me receiving in excess of $40,000.00 to share to voters. People claim that everything I achieved in life is because of politics. I am a hard working man and I encourage everyone to work hard and honestly. I have never taken any money or favours from any Government or Political Parties. I have never received money to share to voters but do you think I can stop those words from spreading? No!
For years people have been saying if you are in business, you should not get involved in politics. The truth is, I believe that only God fearing and business people should be in politics, not people who bring fear to the country and its people.

God shares bread, God give mercy. Put God first for he is the ruler of heaven and earth. Emancipate yourself. He who kneels before God could stand before any man. In all we do let us not forget to respect those in authority. If you are walking down the right path and you are willing to keep walking, eventually you will make progress.


I have never written for any political party, I only speak the truth. Have not I written to thee excellent things in counsel and knowledge; that I might make thee know the certainty of the words of truth thou might answer the words of truth to them that send unto thee?

Rob not the poor because he is poor neither oppress the afflicted in the gate. If thou hast nothing to pay, why should thy bed be taketh away under thee?

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