St. James’ Fun Lovers unveils “Reigning Splendour”; registration begins

Press Release

The St. James’ Fun Lovers Troupe unveiled “Reigning Splendor”, the 2015 costumes for Culturama 41. The launch party took place recently amidst much fanfare at Gateways Bar & Grill located at Cades Bay.

Press release greenThe costumes are available in two styles for females and one for the male reveler in vibrant colors of red, yellow and green. Each costume includes a feathered headpiece, feathered gold trimmed collar, with neck, wrists and foot pieces, a waist piece attached to a long or short skirt made of madras. The costume put an interesting twist on the SKN National dress with its fusion of traditional Culturama and modern carnival elegance. Renowned costume builder and fashion designer Chandy Lewis of Chandy Lewis Productions, Antigua creatively designed the magnificent eye catching pieces.

Registration to play mas for Culturama with the Funlovers Reigning Splendor is now open. Revelers are invited sign up with the troupe’s coordinators/organizers Terenz Wallace 869-668-1400, Kever Challenger 869-669-5718 and Nicole Liburd 869-663-4418. An early bird registration fee of EC$200 runs until June 15, 2015 with general registration for the troupe closing on July 05, 2015.

Press release redMeanwhile, reigning Road March Champions, the Odisi Band which provides musical accompaniment to the Fun-lovers troupe took the opportunity to expose patrons to some of their new music for Culturama 41. Among the releases is a new hit aptly dubbed Conqueror. Fans and supporters can find inspiration from the band’s spirit of perseverance when they indulge in the 2015 J’ouvert troupe that will don T-shirts bearing the same name.

The Odisi band’s J’ouvert package include a T-shirt, rag, water bottles, feathered masks or sunglasses and unlimited drinks along the street jamming route for j’ouvert morning. The full package is a mere EC$50.00 or T-shirt only will cost EC$30.00. Your Jouvert morning experience will also feature body painting, colored powder and the fun time “wet dung” session. Revelers can contact band members Kenroy Warner 869-667-3531 and Kenny Eazi Warner 869-665-7802.

press release maleThe St. James’ Funlovers and the Odisi Band express thanks to the Management and Staff at Gateways Beach Bar & Grill, Carib Brewery St Kitts and Nevis and Stag Beer, The Nisbet Plantation Beach Club and VON Radio for sponsorship for the launch event. The troupe and Band also thank Nevis Adventure Tours, Nevis Housing and Land Development Corporation (NHLDC) and the Nevis Electricity Company Limited (NEVLEC).

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