St. James’ Primary Hosts Annual Road Relays

Despite the small roll of the school, there was much excitement on Thursday 13th February, as the St. James’ Primary School, hosted its annual road relay races.

The parents, siblings and general friends of the school, were there, lending their support, as per usual.

There were just two races, as the girls and boys had to be mixed in order to get full teams for the respective houses and it was interesting to see even kindergarteners, matching their stamina and determination against students from grades five and six.

The juniors started at Brick Kiln Village and made baton passes en route to the school, while the seniors commenced their run at Barnaby and made baton passes en route to the school.
The results were as follows:

1st Gold house
2nd Green house
3rd Red house

1st Green house
2nd Red house
3rd Gold house

The school will host its cross country races on Friday 20th February and its annual sports day, on Tuesday 3rd March.

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