A contingent of eight athletes, representing the special Olympians of St.Kitts and Nevis, returned home on Monday 6th June.

The four athletes from St.Kitts, landed at the RLB Int Airport, while the four athletes from Nevis, along with a supportive crew, landed at the Vance Amory Int Airport.

Mrs. Terri Andrews, National Sports Director of Special Olympics in the Federation of St.Kitts and Nevis explained that the athletes competed in the St.Maarten invitational for Special Olympians and this particular meet was been held after many years in exile.

Previously, a contingent from St.Maarten had attended the St.Kitts –Nevis games, earlier in the year and Mrs. Andrews indicated that despite the extreme cost, they determined to send a representation to participate in the event.

Other teams represented included: French and Dutch St.Maarten; Wyoming and Colorado.

The St.Kitts –Nevis team was truly outstanding, gaining 35 medals, which included 28 gold medals!

Teacher accompanying the athletes, Miss Michelle Freeman noted that the experience was a great one and commended the athletes for their exceptional performance. ‘They were awesome,’ they stated.

Coach Randolph Boddie noted that the athletes competed in track and field—several components; Bocce and aquatics and did well in all areas but especially excelled in the track and field events.

Winston Crooke of the St.Kitts –Nevis triathlon Association, who also accompanied the athletes, noted that the Special Olympics committee has forged an association with his association and even participated in the last cross channel swim, earlier in the year. He noted that he went along as an observer and stated that he was amazed at the swimming abilities of the athletes.

He is confident that the relationship forged between the two associations, will bear much fruit in the future.

Mrs. Adams took time out to thank the local coordinating committee but especially singled out Mrs. Khamiya Nisbett and Mrs. Judy Parris-Rawlins, for their roles in making the trip a reality; WINAIR for giving reduced rates on the flights; local coaches Kurvin Wallace and Jeffrey Lewis; travelling coaches Randolph Boddie of Nevis and Yasmine Powell of St.Kitts and Digicel;

Top athlete, Jomoy Merchant also spoke to the media. He indicated that he had received six gold medals, as he excelled in the 100 meters; 4×400; bocce; shot put; ball throw and the 4×100 meters.

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